Baithak: Ashta Nayika {Recap}

If you are just seeing this event post or have fallen upon this, please read the pre-event post and the bios of the performers here. Sold Out! Our very first intimate setting show was a sold out event with a fair number of walk-ins as well. Absolutely floored and grateful for the response! Click to [...]

Sishya: Bharatnatyam Dancer Anupama Iyer {Spotlight}

Meet Anupama,  a Bharatnatyam dancer and a senior at high school and at Nrityanjali, Fairfax VA   How old are you and what do you do? (grade/school/college) I am 18 and I will be going to Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.     2. When did you start dancing and who are your gurus?  [...]

Baithak: Ashta Nayika {Bharatanatyam Dancers}

Bharatanatyam Dancers The two Bharatanatyam dancers, Arun Mokkapati and Rithika Ashok will be presenting Nayika pieces from their Kuchipudi repertoire. Which of the 9 would they perform? Come watch on Feb 8th 2020! All 8 pieces deal with EIGHT conditions (awastha) of the heroine with respect to their hero, as prescribed within the Natyashastra by [...]