Our tri-State, DC, Maryland and Virginia, is filled with an abundance of talent and the teachers play a heavy role not just in teaching, mentoring but also bringing out the best in our children. This is an effort to get to know these amazing, skilled, and talented dancers!


The questions are ours. 

The answers are by the profiles students/teachers and are unedited, except for grammatical/clarity language errors, if at all. 

Kuchipudi dance bells gajjelu


Profiles Arranged By Dance Style:  


Andhra Pradesh: Kuchipudi

Kuchipudi Guru Kavitha Cheedalla, Kalamandapam.(VA)

Sishya: Kuchipudi Dancer: Neha Ratnapuri 

Sishya: Kuchipudi Dancer: Jahnavi Chindepalli 

Sishya: Kuchipudi Dancer Sumi Rao

Sishya: Kuchipudi Dancer Pranav Tadikonda

Sishya: Kuchipudi Dancer Srimanya Panidepu  


North India: Kathak 

Sishya: Kathak Dancer Swara Bhatt 

Sishya: Kathak Dancer Reva Nair 

Sishya: Kathak Dancer Suhani Malhotra

Sishya: Kathak Dancer Tara Nair

Sishya: Kathak Dancer Prajagta Gogte


Tamil Nadu: Bharatnatyam 

Bharatnatyam Guru: Shanthi Ashok of Nrityanjali (VA)

Sishya: Bharatnatyam Dancer: Stuthi Iyer 

Sishya: Bharatnatyam Dancer: Priya Viswanathan

Sishya: Bharatnatyam Dancer: Rithika Ashok

Sishya: Bharatnatyam Dancer: Sumi Rao    


Orissa: Odissi

Odissi Teacher: Lisa Santhanam of Odissi Lasya (VA)

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