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erformCOVID and Pandemic has redefined how we do things and the art world has adapted as well. In an effort to continue to provide and maintain our vision for artists, we offer the following opportunities.

We are sure there is something for everyone.

PS: All proceeds from the events conducted in November and December go towards our Annual Fundraiser. Check our 2019 one here!

Application for Dancing siblings project on Youtube
Sibling Project

Do you dance with your brother/sister and love to create and perform? We are looking for classical and semi-classical versions of this, so do not hesitate to check if you qualify. Just fill the application and check the options out. coz we would love to showcase you! Just fill the application form above and we can get started!

2020 annual dance fundraiser application
LIMITED: (YouTube)
December Holiday Fundraiser Event

Our Annual fundraiser will happen on December 5th and these will be solo opportunities for you to perform. It will be a marathon event happening on Zoom and will be live telecast on Facebook. 15 minute slots available, so check and apply.


Dance showcase Chinna Taara Tandavam application
Chinna Taara (Little Stars)

This is for our little ones who show great promise. If you/your child is between the ages of 9-13 years, and shows potential, do apply. We would love to feature you on Instagram and YouTube

application for Jaavali Jewels for January 2021
Jaavali Jewels

For the more mature dancer, who has a strong hold on Abhinaya and would like to perform a Jaavali for us, do apply. This will be a January feature, but applications close by December 15th 2020.

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