Elan Magazine Feature: September 2020

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DC Metro Feature: April 2019

DC metro Tandavam Radhika Rao Kaavya Rao - dance event company Northern VA Indian classical dance Trilochana Feature Press Release

Fairfax Times: June 2019

DC metro, Fairfax Times Feature Tandavam Radhika Rao Kaavya Rao - dance event company Northern VA Indian classical dance Trilochana Feature Press Release


An active Facebook Page with reviews is here.

Some of the reviews that folks we have worked with and have been kind enough to send them over via email/messenger/whatsapp are below.

Radikha, We were really honored and blessed to have you guys perform. I am pretty sure the surveys (which will be available a month from now) will echo this as well. Everything from coordination to execution of the performance was outstanding thanks to your expertise and cooperation along the way. I will forward you the survey results, pics when the photographer releases it,  as well as the DVD when it becomes available. Give our thanks to everyone that performed. Best, Mari Zamfir – Fairfax County Family Services Dept.

“Radhika has such an amazing personality that working with her is a dream and inspiring experience. She really knows how to get things done, and is a diligent organizer. I consulted her for my daughter’s arangetram and she helped with dance costumes and recommended the tailors and where to buy materials etc. I had just 1 day in Chennai, and without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to get so much done in a day. I am so happy she has decided to go professional, we can use her expertise.
Thanks Radhika and wish you the best.” – Sangeetha S, Greater Boston Area, MA

“It’s a pleasure knowing Radhika for so many years. After conducting her own daughters’ arangetrams, she knows what it takes to arrange one. She is my go-to for my daughters dance performances and she has so many tips and tricks to make it go smooth. I wouldn’t even hesitate. Good Luck Radhika” – Archana T, Leesburg, VA

“Congratulations Radhika! You are doing a valuable service through this site. Many parents are looking for this info and that too coming from an experienced artist/parent will be very helpful.” Raji, Herndon, VA

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