Sishya: Kathak Dancer Tara Nair {Spotlight}

Reva Nair is a student of Kathak and is a 10th grader at Oakton High school in Fairfax, VA. She and her sister both learn and perform Kathak under their guru, Mrs. Purvi Bhatt’s guidance.  1.When did you start dancing and who are your gurus? My mom says I started dancing even before I was […]

Sishya: Kathak Dancer: Suhani Malhotra {Spotlight}

Suhani Malhotra is a freshman at The Madeira School and learns Kathak with  Guru Purvi Bhatt of Fairfax, VA  1.When did you start dancing and who are your gurus? I started dancing when I was 3 years old. I began with ballet and tap dance, then moved on to Bollywood. For the past 7 years, I […]

Sishya: Kuchipudi Dancer Srimanya Panidepu {Spotlight}

Srimanya is a student of Kuchipudi and a dancer at Kalamandapam, Fairfax, VA. She is a freshman at Centreville High School, VA. She learns from Guru Mrinalini Sadananda and guru Kavitha Cheedalla.  1, How old are you and what do you do? (grade/school/college) I’m 14 years old and I attend Centreville High School as a […]

Guru: Kathak Dancer Prajakta Gogte {Spotlight}

Prajakta Gogte is a kathak student and a new teacher and lives in Fairfax, VA with her husband and two kids.   1.When did you start dancing and who are your gurus?  I started dancing at the age of 5, my gurus are – Guru Rekha Nadgauda, Pandita Maneesha Sathe and Guru Purvi Bhatt. 2. How do you prep […]

Bharatnatyam Guru: Shanthi Ashok {Spotlight}

BharatnatyamShanthi Ashok is a Bharatnatyam teacher and is the founder of Nrityanjali, a bharatnatyam school in Fairfax, VA. She lives in the Fairfax area with her husband and two daughters, who are also accomplished dancers.    1. When did you start your dance school and describe your first year.  In 2001, one of my very […]