An active Facebook Page with reviews is here.

Some of the reviews that folks we have worked with and have been kind enough to send them over via email/messenger/whatsapp are below.

“Radhika has such an amazing personality that working with her is a dream and inspiring experience. She really knows how to get things done, and is a diligent organizer. I consulted her for my daughter’s arangetram and she helped with dance costumes and recommended the tailors and where to buy materials etc. I had just 1 day in Chennai, and without her help, I wouldn’t have been able to get so much done in a day. I am so happy she has decided to go professional, we can use her expertise.
Thanks Radhika and wish you the best.” – Sangeetha S, Greater Boston Area, MA

“It’s a pleasure knowing Radhika for so many years. After conducting her own daughters’ arangetrams, she knows what it takes to arrange one. She is my go-to for my daughters dance performances and she has so many tips and tricks to make it go smooth. I wouldn’t even hesitate. Good Luck Radhika” – Archana T, Leesburg, VA

“Congratulations Radhika! You are doing a valuable service through this site. Many parents are looking for this info and that too coming from an experienced artist/parent will be very helpful.” Raji, Herndon, VA

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